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3 cups parboiled rice  oil as needed
1 cup urad dal  salt to taste


* Soak the rice in boiling hot water for 6 hours.
* Soak the urad dal in cold water separately for 6 hours.
* Grind them separately to a fine paste.
* Mix the batter and add salt to taste. Leave aside for fermentation overnight.
* Next morning,mix again thoroughly
* Heat a gridle. Smear with oil. Pour one large spoonfull of batter .Make dosas by spreading the batter thinly into a circle.
* Sprinkle a little oil on the top and round the edges. When cooked, turn and cook the other side.Serve with coconut chutney.
Varation:Masala dosa
* Cook one side of the dosa well.Let the top side set, put one spoonful of spicy potatoes also.

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