Bread Sweet


                            BREAD SWEET is a delicious sweet preparation, can be used as a dessert , as an evening
                            Snack or could be a gud  meal for the kids at snacks interval.

                            Ingredients :-

a) 4 slices of  bread
b) 2 small cups of sugar
c) 1 small cup of milk
d) 2 small cups of water
e) 2 pods of cardamom
f) a pinch of food colour(saffron)
g) 8-10 cashew
h) Ghee (optional) or oil for deep frying.
                          Procedure:-    Cut all the bread slices into a triangular halves discarding the crumbs
                                                   Place a heavy bottomed vessel or kadai and add oil/ghee  and  heat it.
                                                   Gently fry all the bread pieces without breaking them.
                                                   Drain  excess oil  by placing them on paper napkins and keep aside.
                                                   Meanwhile, prepare a  sugar syrup.
                                                   Add milk,water, sugar,food colour and Cardamom(crushed) and boil it.
                                                   Let it reduce to half the quantity and the consistency should  be thick.
                                                   Spread all the bread slices in a  plate and pour two tbsp of the sweet
                                                     syrup over the slices and see that it softens, but not mushy.
                                                   Garnish each slice with  chopped  cashew and serve hot.
                                                    Tastes good at room temperature too.

                                                  p.s:-  they can be eaten  as sandwiches too, by covering the garnished slice
                                                           over the other.

  Hyderabad ,India

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