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Sweet Semolina Pancakes



1 cup semolina (rava)  a pinch of nutmeg powder
1 cup sugar   a pinch of salt
1 cup refined flour  ghee as needed
3 cardamoms


* Boil one cup water with a pinch of salt.
* Add the semolina and cook.  Add sugar and cook further till soft and dry.  Remove from the fire and cool.
* Add nutmeg and cardamom powders.Mix well.
* Make a soft dough of refined flour with water and keep aside for an hour.
* Take a small ball of the dough, roll out into a circle. Place a ball of the semolina mixture in the centre.Form into a ball again and roll out like chapati.Cook on a greased griddle smearing ghee on both sides.
* Serve cold with ghee.

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