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2 cups gram flour(besan)    2 tsps chilli powder
100 grams flaked rice (poha)   a few curry leaves
100 gms roasted chana dal  oil as needed
100 gms peanuts  sugar to taste
100 gms refined flour(maida)   salt to taste


      * Mix gram flour with a little water to make a soft dough. Add salt
   to taste and mix well
      * Make sev by pressing portions of this dough through a sev mould and
    deep fry each batch. Drain and reserve
 * Seive refined flour and make into thin large circles .Cut into small
   triangles and deep fry in batches .Reserve.
 * Fry peanuts and flaked rice separately. Add to the sev and mix. Add the
*In a little oil, fry asafoetida , chilli powder and curry leaves and pour     over the mixture .Toss well .Check salt.
 *Sprinkle a little sugaar over the mixtures and store in an airtight tin.

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