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RICE KHEER is a delicious sweet item which can be consumed as a
dessert or can be made instantly, when you have to treat some
unexpected guests


1cup Basmati Rice
1Ltr Milk
3cups Sugar or as per taste
2tbsp ghee
2pods of Cardamom/ peeled and powdered.
10 cashews
 2tsp chironji

Procedure:-1)Fry the Basmati rice on low flame, for 3 to 4 mnts.& grind it
                       into a fine powder and keep aside

                  2) Boil the Milk and keep aside.

                  3) Place a heavy bottomed vessel or Pan on the stove.and heat it.

                  4) Add Ghee and fry the cardamom powder (with the peel)
                      cashew and chironji till it turns brown, do not burn it.
                  5) Add the powdered Basmati Rice to the above mixture and
                      fry for just a minute, on low flame.
                  6) Add the Hot Milk to the Rice mixture. stirring constantly.

                  7) Add Sugar and let it dissolve in the rice and milk mixture.
                  7) Boil it on low flame for a few seconds stirring constantly.
                       turn off the fire.
                  8) Hot Kheer is ready to be served.

                      It can be served chilled also as a dessert after setting it in the
                      refrigerator for half an hour.

  Hyderabad ,India

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