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Hydrabadi Dum Mutton Biryani


Before you make BIRYANI, follow the below tips.
1. Dont over cook the rice but just half boil them see that its pure basamati rice and when you spread them on a plate they are not sticky sticky.
2. Take Indian mutton if you happen to take some mutton which takes longer time to cook then add some papaya for 2 to 4 minutes before the marination so that it becomes tender. do not keep for l onger if not the mutton will become too tender.
3. The mutton pieces should be big and with bones.
4. Cook the marinated mutton in its own juices if you think the juice is not enough to cook the mutton then add little water.
5. The layers of mutton and rice should be done fast keeping all the ingredients ready before hand.
6. After the layers must cook the biryani in very slow flame for atleast 10 to 15 minutes.
7. While adding the salt to the marination see that it componsates for both mutton and rice. when you add 1/2 spoon salt to rice keep that too in mind while you add salt for marination.
8. All the ingredients are a must to get the hyderabadi taste, try not to skip any ingredients.
9. In case you dont have a tight lid for the vessel, knead some wheat flour (aata) make a dough and put it all round the vessel sealing the lid with the vessel tightly and cook on DUM.
10. After the biyani is cooked take out of the flame and slowly mix it with a spoon so that the mutton and rice are well mixed before serving.


Step 1
Heat little ghee in a kadai and fry the the sliced onions till they are dark brown and crisp. and keep aside.
Fry the cashew nuts in ghee for few seconds till they become light brown, do not burn them.
Step 2
Heat ghee in a heavy bottom vessel and add tez patta, lavang, elachi (cardamom big ones), sabuth kali mirchi, cinnamom sticks and saute for few seconds add the marinated mutton pieces and cook in slow flame stiring for every few minutes.
Mean time cook the soaked rice with salt (1/2 spoon) till half boil, drain the water and spread it on a plate and sprinkle ghee over the rice.
Step 3
When the mutton is almost (see that it is not over cooked but just cooked)done take out the cooked mutton in a plate.
Rice And Mutton Layers: Put some muton mixture in the same bowl in which MUTTON was cooked, add on top of the mutton some half boiled rice evenly and sprinkle one spoon ghee and chopped pudina leaves and fried cashew nuts and sprinkle kesar mixed in milk from top.
Continue the process for all the layers till the Rice and Mutton is over.
Add the fried crisp brown onions from top
Step 4
Immediately after the above prcedure, cook biryani in SLOW FLAME that is on DUM with tightly closed lid for 10 to 15 minutes or till you think the rice is cooked.
Server with curd raitha, fresh green salad and boiled eggs (cut into halves).

- Monica Abdul , Singapore

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