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Cream Puff - Custard



2 oz Butter
150 ml water
2 1/2 oz Plain Flour
2 Eggs

Bring butter and water to stove and melt the butter in pan   .

Let the water to rolling boil and then add in the flour   .

Mixed till all the flour has absorb the water and the mixture becomes a dough and does not stick to the pan   .

Let the mixture cool before adding in the eggs (use electric whisk to ensure the mixture is mixed thoroughly)

Use a nozzle to press into desired puff or you can use spoon to spoon it into the grease tray.

Bake in temperature oven of 160 - 170 Deg C .

Make sure the dough is thorougly brown before take it out from the oven to cool .

Once cool then put in the custard cream into the puff .

- Monica Abdul , Singapore

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